No es el infierno, es el desierto


Death Valley, CA

May, 2011

The title reads “it is not hell, it is the desert”. This thought was inspired on Biblical stories: the 40-day retreat of Jesus in the desert and the 40 years that Moses and the people of Israel wondered in the desert in penitence for breaking the 10 commandments that infamous night in the Mount Sinai.

It took me a long time, almost two years, to understand that this time of “purge” (rather than punishment) is necessary for growth. The desert is a tough place that makes people tenacious and resilient and humble and patient.

I find this concept of wondering in the desert before reaching a high end similar to that of graduate school or recovery from near-death experiences.

In my humble opinion, I don’t think I’m being dramatic. That’s how I have experienced these intense stages in my life: these have been times where I felt the loneliest, the most vulnerable, the angriest at God and the Universe and life, the most desperate for finding a sense of purpose, the most sad and the most afraid.

This thought helped me appreciate those times of hardships. Today, I cherish the worst as sacred, as a part of my past that belongs to me, to which I belong and that makes me the soul that I am.


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