How I got into recycling

This is my recycling story:

I used to not recycle. Not that the opportunity cost of my time was ever great, I just don’t go through very many bottles at home ;-).

Anyhow, at some point in my life I moved into a new apartment with a girl from Italy who claimed she recycled. CORRECTION: in reality, she stacked crap in the pantry.

Since the day I moved in, every morning, I would walk around a pile of plastic bottles, cans of soup, catalogues and magazines, wine bottles, and—I kid you not—tree branches. I saw the pile grow exponentially with time. Lara didn’t do anything about it—for whatever surreal reason. The pile was meant to grown unbounded. One day, I came home tired and frustrated because none of my Hessians were invertible. I looked at the pile of scrap-everything with repugnance and decide to take it—all of it—to the garbage shoot.

As the days passed, the pile grew again; this time it appeared to grow at a more rapid pace. Annoyance. I rolled my eyes, frowned and I took it out to the garbage bin again.

A new week passed, this time the pile grew so much that it started attacking me on my way out to the office. Helpless, I surrendered. I approached the load; I sorted out and organized in separate boxes cans, plastic, glass, paper and magazines, and wood—still wood. What a relaxing activity! I stacked the boxes on top of one another.

The next morning, on my way to the office I realize I had a few minutes to spare, so I decided to take a longer route, walk a little more and stop by the recycling bin.

What a nice morning! How pleasant it was to walk at this time! I enjoyed the sounds around, the smell of roasting coffee and burned toast in the neighborhood. I arrived at the recycling center. I placed the items in their corresponding bin.

A friendly gentleman, with a cute dog was also there recycling his own reusable waste. To be honest, I can’t remember if the gentleman was cute and the dog friendly or the other way around, but I do know it was the dog that wag the tail. The man smiled. The sun was shining. I left to the office ready to be very productive. I felt a little lighter, a little refreshed. Energized.

I’d decided that from that day on, I’d be taking my roommate’s trash to the recycling bin more frequently—at least until the winter.

I even thought, maybe one day I’d be able to bring her along and RECYCLE HER as well.


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