Eat the Ugly

Some people are always looking for a villain. There is Judas, Al Capone, Kim Jong-un, Monsanto and Walmart. For you, environmentally-aware, socially-conscious and fact-skeptic consumers, reconsider your hatred towards Walmart. Last week, Walmart, America’s largest grocer became the first retailer to sell blemished apples from Washington state, under the brand “I’m Perfect”, as part of… Read More Eat the Ugly

Toxic tokes

Let’s talk openly and matter-of-factly about pot: are pesticide residues on marijuana a health concern? The truth is that we don’t know because there is virtually no research on the topic, and whether there are direct health risks posed by pesticides used in marijuana production will remain uncertain for as long as marijuana remains federally… Read More Toxic tokes

Kill and let live

This is a paradoxical story of how killing endangered animals can actually advance conservation efforts… spoilers alert, it’s got to do with defined, defensible and divestible, property rights. For an even worse spoiler check this podcast: — There are plenty of examples, both current and historical, in which well-intended schemes backfire. It is often the case… Read More Kill and let live