Working Papers:

“Integrating Econometric Land-Use Models with Ecological Models of Ecosystem Service Provision to Guide Coastal Management Decisions” (Dissertation material)

“Shady Business: Why do Puerto Rican Coffee Farmers Adopt Conservation Agriculture Practices?” (to be presented at the 2017 AAEA Annual Meetings in Chicago; draft available upon request)


Submitted for Peer Review to River Research and Applications  (March, 2017): “Optimization of Decision Rules for Hydroelectric Operation to Reduce Both Eel Mortality and Unnecessary Turbine Shutdown: A Search for a Win-Win Solution.”  Co-authors with David Smith (USGS); Paul Fackler (North Carolina State University);  Sheila Eyler (US F&WS, Mid-Atlantic Fish and Wildlife Conservation Office); and Stuart Welsh (USGS, West Virginia Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit).

“Shades of Shade: Determinants of Conservation Practices in Coffee Plantations for Ecosystem Services Provision in Puerto Rico, a Preliminary Analysis.” (July, 2016) GJSFR. vol 16(4)

“No TRain, No Grain: The Impact of Increased Demand for Rail Services by the Energy Sector on Wheat Prices.” (April, 2016) IJED. vol 4(4)

“No TRain, No Grain: The Impact of Increased Demand for Rail Services by the Energy Sector on Wheat Prices–A preliminary Analysis.” (July, 2016) IJFAE. vol 4(3) pp. 103-125

“Does Participation in Public Works Programs Encourage Fertilizer Use in Rural Ethiopia?.” (April, 2016) IJFAE. vol 4(2) pp. 101-124

Published in Reports and other Analysis:

“Reinventing the Wheel” (July, 2015) Written for the North Carolina Coal Ash Commission as an analogous example of markets that form from turning industrial waste into valuable commodities (recycling).

Class Projects that I like

“Data Challenge: Gun Laws and Firearm-Related Homicides–A Spatial Statistics Exercise” Class Project for Dr. Brian Reich’s Spatial Statistics Course, FALL 2016. NCSU.

“Valuation of Plant and Animal Genetic Resources within Agricultural Systems in Developing Countries: A Literature Review of Guiding Tools for the Conservation of Genetic Diversity and Economic Developmen” Class Project for Dr. Laura Taylor and Dr. Zach Brown’s Environmental Economics Course, SPRING, 2015. NCSU.

“What is the Environmental Effect of Imposing Ambient Regulations on Hydroelectric Power Plants? Literature Review and Theoretical Set Up” Class Project for Dr. Roger von Haefen’s Environmental Economics Course, FALL 2015. NCSU.