530471_10151214491796395_1671143240_nLaura en la Reserva Natural de Iguaque. Camino a la Laguna Sagrada. Dec, 2012.

My name is Laura, I am a Colombian PhD candidate of development and environmental economics at North Carolina State University.

I care about people and the environment. I want to find ways to design and promote sustainable, feasible, and morally sound policies that guide the administration of natural resources and the building of cohesive and healthy communities. For that reason, I chose environmental and development economics as my fields of specialization in my PhD training.

You can find a copy of my CV here.

Currently, I am working with Dr. Laura Taylor on a project involving the management of coastal growth given increased risks of major flooding.

In a general sense, in my research I use landscape simulations to study how alternative land use policies can reduce future property damages from major floods around the Charleston metropolitan area in South Carolina. Specifically, I integrate spatially explicit microeconometric models of choice with statistical analyses of land markets to simulate possible future scenarios of urbanization. Then, I couple those models of land use change with an ecological model of flood prevention services to simulate landscapes that will inform the decision of coastal managers, conservation agencies, and other civic groups on how to design smart, cost-effective, and forward looking land use policies that address economic growth, the conservation of ecosystems, and flood control.

Please, e-mail me any comments or questions.